Conversations with Expectations

The answer is not always what we wanted to hear. Are the machines telling us something worth knowing or just something we wanted to assume? Unless it's coding or a fact, how do we find out? (...and why would you ask for a fact?)

Claude impersonating

The current versions of these AI machines may still produce below-average quality results, but that does not stop them from trying. They're not…

Waste time to save time

The likes of ChatGPT, Claude etc. are supposed to help us save time with our tasks. Rewriting a fairy tale is probably not…

Hansel & Gretel

Before I dive into the creation of this story in more detail, here is a brand new version written by Claude from Anthropic.

Making it up with Claude

This site is about fairy tales, re-imagined, or possibly, a more accurate term, regurgitated by the so called AI-machines, or prediction engines. ChatGPT,…