About us

Jalonenbrothers.com does not like to limit themselves much, but prefer doing something creative. There is no lack of projects to work on, but we are heavily limited by the time we're able to create for our various outbursts of energy. 

This site right here is about my interest in the development, including past, present and future capabilities of the so-called AI, or generative AI platforms, computers, machines etc. I thought it would be easy to put up some AI generated imagery and text output from the text-generating type of these multi-purpose online helpers. Interesting tools as they are, it is fairly obvious there is still a long way to go. But what may be long way in terms of progress, is not always necessarily long in terms of time.

On another note, I wanted to also test some easy ways of publishing online content, so this site, or blog is also a test, or even a tutorial (for myself, not you guys) to see how to quickly set up a Blog with CMS that generates static content, and deployed somewhere up there for free. And if you don't pay for a domain name, it really can be free. My first time using Publii to create a website, and Netlify to deploy a static website. There's enough documentation online, but seemed so simple you could probably just do a trial-and-not-at-all-many-errors session, if that's something you'd be interested in trying.